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The man’s humor does not get old.


I hate Monster

I hate

They will not let me upload a .pdf resume. What is that about?

Okay, wtf, also you cannot e-mail monster through Firefox. They are the worst. You hear that? Monster is the worst.

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Born to be Appointed?

You may have heard about the GOP’s latest victory, in which they did not allow a resolution honoring the Boss to even be considered by the Senate.

Bruce Springsteen may have a chance to strike back, from inside the senate. With John Corzine on his way to Govern New Jersey with a year left on the lease for his office on Capitol Hill, he needs to find a New Jerseyan subletter in the next couple months. Who better than he who was scorned? US News (& World Report) is telling us that Springsteen is a popular choice among New Jersey Dems. If appointed, Springsteen’s career comes full circle, 30 years after his (and the E Street Band’s) album Born to be Appointed.


Oh, It Rips!

For some reason I have not yet ripped anything with my new DVD burner. But just now I did, and it is a monster!

My old DVD drive (not a burner) would rip at like 1-2x, and my computer can generally encode to mp3 at about 5-6x. So I had a pretty upsetting bottleneck. But now, oh now, I am ripping at like 7-9x!

Also, It burns, Oh, how it burns!

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Fix-A-Flat, make it worse

Once again WTFbrb brings you a special consumer report.

Tonight, we discuss the product “Fix-A-Flat: Bikes only” brought to you by Pennzoil. It is bad.

In my recent flat tire incident, I attempted to circumvent walking to a bike store (which is not a short walk), and instead walk to Walgreens, which claimed to have a bike tire repair kit. What they had was this Fix-A-Flat. I tried it out, following the directions to a T. What ended up happening was a still-flat tire and some leaky white liquid-rubber gunk all over my tube and tire.

More specifically, the tire actually inflated as it was supposed to, and I spinned it as I was supposed to, and then instead of fixing the flat, the air slowly leaked out again in a tragic display of the futility of pumping air into tires. Most of the rubber gunk, however, was still left in the tire, because today, while attempting to patch the tube the proper way, my hands were covered in white liquid rubber gunk. Still liquid! you think it would’ve dried by now, but I guess that is not how Fix-A-Flat works its magic.

Also, I am not sure my patch held, because of the white gunk that was stubbornly not coming off the tube. The tire seems to only hold its air for so long. I’ll probably end up having to buy another tube, because of this Fix-A-Flat. So, that is what to expect with Fix-A-Flat.

If my bike can’t hold its air long enough to bike to campus (so I can buy a new tube there), can someone who reads this give me a ride home from campus tomorrow (Monday) night around 10? The bus doesn’t run that late.

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