PBF references self

Check it out, Zuthulu is watching the aftermath of Rusty’s hit for Bobby!

This is new insight into Perry Bible Fellowship, perhaps it’s universe is coherent in some (non)sense, afterall. I’m sure he just needed something to put on the TV screen, and figured sports might fit, and hey, why not the sports strip he just drew, and hey why not the brawl? Brawls make ya hungry for brownies. Think they’re magic brownies?

By the way, the latter strip, titled “A Hit for Bobby” is one of the more brilliant gags in the collection of brilliant gags PBF’s author Nicholas Gurewitch has offered us. Its definately his characteristic move, showing us a wholesome scene in which you can’t help but feel for the antagonist, and then watching the morbid fantasy play out.

  If you liked that strip, you may also like “The Happy Brothers” and “One More Day”.

Oh—while PBF is on the table, you’ve seen that commercial for like Heineken or something where the dude joins the superhero-league-thingy, and his superpower turns out to be turning shoes into bottles of Heineken? Well do you think they stole that idea from “Super League”? Either way, poor Stratos!

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  1. Marisa Said,

    November 8, 2005 @ 15:55

    Strong Bad can open a ‘cold one’ using his glowing blue diamond on his wrestling mask. Not sure if Super League came first though.

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