Hell of wet!

WTF?!, brb… I need to towel off.

22:01> zubin will brb

22:03> zubin is b

Ok, I mean, I have biked in the rain many times before, but unless it was being dumb and getting caught in a T-storm in NJ (in a cotton T-shirt and denim shorts, no less), I’ve barely gotten wet. But man, this commuting via bicycle could get wet, fast. I need some waterproof over-pants for biking. That’s what I need.

I guess I need to commit to a biking in the rain lifestyle like this dude, who was revealed as the second hit by a google search for, none other than biking in the rain. It looks like there is an enthusiast crowd for biking in the rain, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring it out—the thing about enthusiasts, they’ll always help you become more enthusiastic about what they are enthusiastic about, they’re a great resource for just about anything. The real question is do I want to invest in all this gear? and do I want to be the guy that has to take off hell of overclothes whenever he goes anywhere? These are questions that cannot be answered by someone like myself until I’ve already tried doing it, unfortunately. We’ll see what I do.

Oh yeah, also, my bag. There is a problem. I can’t put it under my current jacket (Which is so comfortable I wouldn’t even want to!). Maybe I’ll invest in a pannier bag or something…


  1. Anna Said,

    November 7, 2005 @ 22:27

    Man I am so ENTHUSED abour ENTHUSIASTIC post. Oh shit god damn am I ENTHUSIASTIC! Or what!

    There was just one thing I was going to correct . . . ah, forget it.

  2. Zubin Said,

    November 8, 2005 @ 2:01

    That is a dumb way to spell it, it looks like “enthuzziastic”, oh well, there’s another one for the book

  3. Marisa Said,

    November 8, 2005 @ 12:02

    My freshman year, I bought some cheap waterproof pants at Target and Mervyn’s for said problem. Not too expensive, just buy em big so they go over your pants. Also it will become extra important to get one of those dorky straps to keep your pant legs from getting caught in the gears and such (waterproof ain’t so damn waterproof when there’s a big ass rip in the lower quadrant).

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