Vive la piraterie d??sinvolte

In light of recent events, we’re given a picture of a future in which “casual piracy” is ended. Ok.. WTF….. “casual piracy”, is that like I own a pirate ship, but only use it to raid other ships on the weekend? Or maybe I only raid ships that forget to complement me on my ship’s figurehead.

In fact, it seems, at this point, Sony BMG, is fighting not for the benefit of their joint venture or even for the benefit of the RIAA, and definately not for the benefit of the artists the represent. They seem to be fighting toward an ideal that they hold, that few others do. They are fighting toward an ideal where each person who hears a song in a non-Sony-BMG-sanctioned way must pay for it.

The world of popular music is a world of songs which people find out about from their friends. The biggest form of advertising any artist or album has ever had is word-of-mouth. That can’t happen when people can’t give their friend a copy of the album. Ever since the audio cassette has existed, people have shared music with thier friends, indeed “casual piracy” has existed.

That’s not even mentioning the wtf of installing a back-door into someone’s computer…

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  1. Andy Said,

    November 14, 2005 @ 12:05

    I think “casual piracy” is when a famed buccaneer retires to found a fast-food chain.

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