Disco inferno, splurging?

I can burn cds, again. I have no idea why my old burner couldn’t do so, maybe there was some weird thing I had to configure that I just couldn’t locate, but I can once again burn cds. My new drive is hell of fast too, I guess because its new and my old one wasn’t the last time I burned something with it. (Funny to think the last thing I burned on that was probably the Gentoo bootable!) I feel like a real part of the sneakernet again. Now this guy is a DVD burner, so I need to figure that one out, shouldn’t be too much harder, except that the principal dvd burning software I know of (CDRecord-ProDVD) is not open source, so that is a bummer.

Also aside from buying that DVD drive, I just bought a new hard drive. I was at Fry’s, and it was 160 gigs for $50! that is more than 3 gigs per dollar! Who can say no? Does this count as splurging? Where is the money coming from! Why am I so excited!?

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  1. WTFbrb » Blog Archive » Oh, It Rips! Said,

    November 28, 2005 @ 15:16

    […] For some reason I have not yet ripped anything with my new DVD burner. But just now I did, and it is a monster! […]

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