Palo Alto leaves towing notice.

As a citizen journalist I feel it is my duty to report the goings-on of my block. Finally something of possible substance to report. Well not really, but read on anways.

So for the last couple weeks or so, on El Dorado Ave., somebody has had a 24′ Enterprise Rent-a-Truck installed on the south-bound (west-bound?) side of the road. I say installed, because it hasn’t moved an inch, and its lift-gate thingy has been hanging out in a take-off-your-shoes-and-stay-a-while kind of way. The truck, however, is closed, and leading to it are an extension cord and a cat-5 cable, overhanging the sidewalk.

I’m guessing they’ve set up some sort of server farm or something that is calculating away at something that isn’t that important (I mean, If it was important, they wouldn’t have it inside a truck that is powered by an easily unpluggable cord. They can’t be relying on a backup if it’s too many computers to fit inside their house, because the backup would either be taking up most of the truck, or it would only last minutes if someone unplugged the easy-to-reach extension cord.

Whoever is doing this is probably doing it for some sort of home business. Firstly, they wouldn’t be paying what now probably amounts to thousands of dollars in truck-rentals to have lan parties. Also, Enterprise Rent-a-Truck is only for commercial rentals, so they’d have to be going through a company to do something dumb anyways, and doing something dumb through a corporate front could land them in big shit.

Anyways, Palo Alto has struck back in a pretty passive way. They’ve placed a notice stating the truck will be towed unless driven half a mile (five-tenths of a mile in parking-noticese) in the next 72 hours. Unless the renters want to do something truly dumb and try to jack up the front of the truck and spin the wheels, they’ll have to take a trip around the block. Which means they probably won’t be able to keep the machines running, and unless they have some serious wireless access points, they definately won’t stay connected to the net.

Well, for now, I’m on the side of the town, because that truck is pretty huge, and its taking up 3 prime parking spots for my friends (and myself, when borrowing a car to take a GRE that starts before the trains start running).

If I find out they are doing something evil or awesome in the truck, or anything in the situation changes immensely, I’ll keep ya posted.

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  1. Anna Said,

    November 17, 2005 @ 10:23

    this is the best thing i have read all day. this is why i haven’t seen you recently — i have been prevented by that goddam truck. wtf.

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