Bush doubles down.

Huffpo has an interesting thought from instapundit.

When you think about it, it was a decent move, but also the only move. Bush is too tied to Iraq now to ever push it off on anyone else. If Iraq goes bad over the next year, the GOP’s midterm prospects go way down, and anyone Bush endorses will be in big trouble. Now, if Iraq goes well he (and the GOP) gets the better part of his double or nothing: the reward he would have gotten, plus the “sorry we doubted you” remorse vote from the middle.

Now, from a purely game of politics standpoint, when you think about it, the only response the Democrats have to these recent speeches from Bush is to present a clear platform on Iraq, about withdrawl, and whatnot. It needs to be so convincing, that they can share in the credit if Iraq goes well. If Iraq doesn’t go well, they can still say, “well we could do better if we got to be in charge.” That way, the Dems can benefit slightly from the GOP’s successes, and still seem like a viable alternative, even in the “war on terror”.


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