Get Your War On Stage

Wow, a stage version of David Rees’s fabulous political satire Get Your War On is being put on by the Rude Mechanicals in Austin, TX.

I think I could never go to a stage production of GYWO , because I’d die laughing. I think i’ve loled (lolled?) more often at Rees’s comic than any other, at least on a per strip basis. (Yeah, that means you, Achewood and DC) I don’t know if he started the clipart webcomic revolution, but he does it best. It must be the prolific cursing or something, businesspeople cursing into phones is hella funny, especially when done with a sarcastic tone. Yeah! Thats what Rees does so well, the sarcastic tone. The curses are just added to make it funnier.

Also he is just biting. Not clever (I mean, clever is so OVER! get with the program people-who-are-not-David-Rees). I mean, he will not spare anyone or anything, reader or subject. That is what I’m talking about. I need to go to Austin to see actors dressed as business-people screaming sarcastic curses into telephones.

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