Who said “buttslol!!!!”?

This is a response to a post on The Annalog.

What I meant by “buttsloL!!!!” (Which was not an anonymous comment, so i’m safe!) was, that this is an important issue, and there are multiple sides to consider. First off, yes it is the public sphere, and by blogging in the first place and also by allowing comments, a blogger is inviting criticism of their words.

However, consider someone you don’t know who anonymously posts a few harassing comments on a blog. First off, find them (since so few people are behind static IPs now, this’ll be tough to find for sure… are you going to try to ask SBC who was using some IP at such and such time? and if they’re on AOL, good luck.) That activation barrier crossed, you gotta take it to court!

Point being, this law is only going to be applied to cases where it needs to be—like the anonymous poster who posts until you cry—just like it is meant for the callers. (See: Scream).

As long as this law is enforced fairly, people will still be able to post anonymously, and even flame anonymously, within reason. So, we can continue leaving anonymous buttsloL!!!!s, within reason. Also, if its not anonymous, (and not intentionally libelious), flaming is still accepted with open arms.

That said, I see your point, Anna. A slippery slope may be tough to argue, but it certainly can develop. That is why I don’t forsee myself prosecuting Heywood or Pat anytime soon.

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