It doesn’t even work!

Ok, not only is spying on citizens without a warrant illegal in this country, but, according to NYT, it doesn’t work! Apparently the masses of data given to the FBI by the NSA generally lead to innocent people. They are hard pressed to find cases where they gained any information about actual terrorism. Etc. Etc.

In addition the “leads” coming in to the FBI are just masses of unprocessed data. There is no real way of telling what exactly the “suspect”’s connection to anything terror is. It looks like a lot of FBI footwork is being wasted on, yes (classic), innocent schoolteachers.

Now, those in favor of the domestic spying program ask us for a better way to do it. My first suggestion would be to use the warning and leads you have to actually stop the plots, which the FBI and other gov’t agencies seem to already be decent at, (read: “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.”).

Next, they’re obviously not dropping eaves on every citizen of America, that would probably require all of us to be in the NSA, and then terrorists would also be moles, and we’d have a 24 on our hands. That means they have reason to spy on certain people. Now, for the moment I will turn a blind eye to how they figure out who fits the profile (loaded word alert). But if you really think you need to spy on these people, get your damn warrants. It is not that hard. Especially when they have a secret court that will let them pay for thier warrants with plastic. (get it? its like a credit card for warrants…whatever).

No, Messrs. President and Vice President it’s not easy, but if it all were as easy as you want it to be, we wouldn’t need a government.

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  1. Anna Said,

    January 20, 2006 @ 15:46

    Yeah it is hell of insidious to claim that you need special extralegal tactics to defend America. As long as there are no attacks, they get to claim the measures are working. Even if they’re not preventing attacks.

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