Blogging while intoxicated

There is a certain clarity that comes along late on a Friday evening, when one has imbibed (ew, what a dirty word… it’s meaning is so…. narrow!). It may be a Friday just before one faces the approach of the start of their 24th year (yes, you begin at the start of your first year, not zeroth). Or it may be another Friday. They’re all the same.

This blogger wonders many things. 23 years is a long time. Its long enough that this blogger is willing to write “23″ instead of “twenty three” and “23rd” instead of “tweny thrid” (sp ?). It’s long enough that this blogger is reflecting on what he has done in his 23 years.

What must one do, an intoxicated blogger might ask, to make a difference. Blogging or otherwise, what must one do?

Ceratainly this blogger hasn’t changed the course of history with this blog. But has he influenced one of the great minds of his generation, while attending college? Has he affected the people around him to create a better world? Ok, WTF(brb)! (yes, a real WTFbrb moment, if you didn’t experience it, go back and try again) Okay here is the truth. This blogger plans on spending the next 76+ years (yes, I will be dissapointed if I don’t live to 100 or more, even as a tall individual) both making the world a better place and enjoying himself, but isn’t going to gripe about what he’s done. He hasn’t done as much as he could have, but that is the last you will hear about what he hasn’t done.

Go him!

Ok g’nite. And don’t expect any more blog posts as contentless as this one for a while. It can only get better.

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