This guy is a total Boehner!

As CNN says, DeLay’s replacement is little better than DeLay. Then again, I suppose if I was being given hundreds of thousands of dollars for something, I’d want to keep it legal. That’s the problem here. I don’t know how to fix it, maybe we need a separate body that legislates what congresspeople can and can’t do, but we need some way of avoiding these (blatant) conflicts of interests. I mean, this isn’t even smoke-filled back room junk, this is wine, dine, and fly me about the world.

All I know is, Congress is spending too much damn time talking about itself. This kinda shit makes me rip my hair out. This isn’t politics, this isn’t debateable, it is a conflict of interest. Private citizens should not pay for members of the government to learn certain information. The government should be in charge of getting its members, including congresspeople that information, if it is indeed necessary. If that includes flying them to Belgium, well then its important enough that its worth it. Oh well. At least Boner is informed about Belgium and Scotland.

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