Out Now

They had their chance. They screwed up and didn’t protect our nation, and the people gave them a chance. They got their USA PATRIOT act passed, now they’d never have to miscommunicate again.

This proves that this administration is not fit to run our country.

Politics has nothing to do with this. This administration has proven itself incompetent and unable to run our country in times of disaster. You want patriotism: I say my country is too important to allow this administration a third strike before we call them out. Get them out now.


  1. Nik Said,

    February 10, 2006 @ 12:40

    How Camusean of you…

  2. Zubin Said,

    February 10, 2006 @ 13:21

    Is that a good thing? I read The Stranger in high school. That was pretty intense.

  3. Nik Said,

    February 13, 2006 @ 6:13

    In some of his early political writings, from COMBAT and such, he makes similar points about patriotism. You should check out his writing and a movie called “The Battle of Algiers”. The situation with Algeria then was VERY similar to our situation now. I’ve read too that the US used this movie as a “training” film about how to beat insurgents. Not sure if it’s true. Yes, it is a good thing.

  4. Matt Squicc Said,

    February 22, 2006 @ 5:45

    hey zubin, i didn’t know you had mad numchuck skills :)

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