Danny Tanner is the reason!

The full house is the thing that makes poker interesting.

No, I don’t mean that flushes or straights aren’t fun too, they certainly are. But imagine if there was no full house. Allow for the fact that quads and straight-flushes never occur, especially when you consider relative frequencies in 7 card hands like those in many popular variants of poker. Then your “attainable” hand ranks are basically flush, straight, trips, two pair, pair, blah. This is less fun! Why? because matching ranks have no chance at all against fancy hands—there is no draw to the full house! This is kinda like a microcosm of a society in which those of a low caste can never move up: such a society is no fun. The little guys want to be able to move up!

It also makes flushes and straights less safe. I mean imagine if you have already hit your flush, how boring is that. But the fact that someone can be playing two pairs at the turn and hit a full house at the river means you have to worry. Sure the odds are on your side, but it’s not a sure thing, so it’s fun.

Next time you hit a full house on the river (or seventh street for all you studs out there) or your opponent does against your ace-high flush, appreciate how much fun you had doing it, because it is the reason poker is fun!

That is all.

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