So simple, you’ve thought of it.

Ok, first off, I seriously know many people have thought of this, and probably done it from time to time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about it.

The idea is that chocolate soy milk (CSM for those in the know) is for some reason pretty popular. (For me, that reason is that I actually am not a huge fan of the beany taste of plain soymilk, and vanilla is just too sweet. As you may have previously heard, I do like Rice milk but that doesn’t always work in this following thing). Where was I.

Yeah so CSM is popular. So is coffee. So is instant. So why not instant coffee with chocolate soy milk? See I told you people had already thought of it, but still, why not. It is good. Its not like a Cafe Mocha. It just has a little chocolatey taste.

Also, connoisseurs, it doesn’t ruin the taste of the coffee, because it is instant coffee anyways, it just tastes like instant coffee with chocolatey goodness.

The best thing is that chocolate soymilk is actually really tasty, and you don’t need to worry about it going bad before you use it up in coffee. You can just drink it by the glass!

Edit: Wow I’ve thought of more I forgot to point out.

What is especially fun about this idea is that since instant coffee usually is made from the robusta bean, it tends to develop “crema” (how classy!). When combined with any type of soymilk, the crema sort of puffs up underneath a layer of soy foam, creating a really fun chocolatey coffee foam for the top of your coffee. That is fun!

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