How can it happen?

He’s not like this. He reads dozens of novels a year, and some other stuff too. He usually has one novel and maybe something else going at once. He knows you know: all-consuming fiction on one hand and like programming or comics or poker or who knows on the other hand: something that takes less dedication. But then it happens, his whole world turns upside down and he opens a third book.

This the answer to the question of how a man ends up in the middle of 6 books all at once.

He can begin with the 9th book (Water Sleeps) in a previously amazing and now completely shitty fantasy series. He’ll pick up the sequel (The Smoke Ring) to a sci-fi book he previously read and start that, in hopes that he’ll gain some momentum to later finish the shitty book with.

Then he’ll get Woody Allen’s Getting Even for his birthday. And he has to start that, it is Woody Allen.

But then he’ll realize he really doesn’t know enough about the major events of the times, and he’ll also be a trial member of Amazon Prime (trial membership is so worth it! haha) and on a whim buy The Assassin’s Gate, which turns out to be pretty interesting after all, so he gets into that. The real world is important, so fiction and humor can wait.

Then, as he’s programming a poker odds calculator to see which hands really are the best in Omaha8 (AA23 or A234 or A236 or A2KQ or AKQJ they are all so good!), he’ll decide he needs to refresh some of his poker knowledge so he’ll break back into The Theory of Poker. This project will lead him to slow down his reading of other books, after all, it takes focus.

Then he’ll find the library’s comic book section, and check out The Sandman, the first 4 volumes at that. He’ll start reading a “chapter” before bed each night, taking that time away from finishing other books. Now as they all sit stacked on his bedside table…

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  1. Nik Said,

    March 14, 2006 @ 9:16

    It it’s in my pocket book I am reading it.

    Currently reading:

    I write what I like, by Steve Biko
    Black Skin, White Masks, by Frantz Fanon (awesome)
    Lafcadio’s Adventures, by Andre Gide
    Good Soldier Svejk, by Jaroslav Hasek
    Portrait of the Artist…, Joyce (Joyce is like Madonna, maybe not to everybody)
    Nostromo, Joseph Conrad
    The Fall, Camus

    Yeah, some of these are for classes, but hey, I’m reading them darn it. Does that count?

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