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WTFbrb is here.

Ok, here it is! Same time, new channel.

Sorry for the confusing moving announcement which I will not correct, because it doesn’t matter now, because we are here.


Moving Day

Over the next few of days WTFbrb will be changing its hosting. Much thanks to the authors of The Mooches for providing hosting these past months.

In the short run, might be down for a bit, but you can still read the blog at

In the long run is the URL you want to remember.

For those of you using RSS, you’ll figure it out or you’ll post a reply to this comment (either while it’s still here, or in its new location).

Any questions?

Alright, break.

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Oscars for my generation

Aside from the ever-present Oscary music, this year’s Oscars were for me (:

I was so happy to be the target demographic of this, the first of a new generation of Oscars (only the second hosted by Chris Rock & Jon Stewart’s generation).

I feel like I won the Oscar for best guy who watched some of the Oscars or something, because they were really geared towards me.

Boy, was I proud to be watching some of the Oscars this year: proud for my generation, and the impact it has had on what demographics mass-culture television will be focused on.

I think with my go-to television-host up on stage, cracking witticisms appreciated by myself, yet acceptable to my parents, I’ve found a new home for some Sunday between late February and early April.

With so many of the nominations and awards going to semi-independant and kinda-not-super-high-budget films, my generation’s appreciation for Indie culture is infecting Hollywood. Also, we like stuff done by Peter Jackson, because he is the new Steven Spielberg (haha woo).

Haha Spielberg! Haha, he didn’t get anything at all. Not that I have anything against him, but, you know, his generation is right out.

Yeah. That… hahaha (:


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