They’re only good for the latest trends

So, as most of you know, emo is a notoriously bad genre. Its sort of like the ‘alternative’ that included all those one-hit-wonders of the 90s and Everclear. I tended to agree (with the only real exceptions up until now being Bright Eyes, who is legit despite recent popularity (tee hee), and My Chemical Romance, which is a real borderline case anyways). I mean I always loved Weezer, but they are the exception in that they either aren’t the genre, or they *defined* (not created, defined) the genre. Either way, they don’t quite count.

But now I think I’ve found out what emo can be. Emo can be what Fall Out Boy does. They do awesome. Also I like their name. It is a command to a boy, not a description of a boy.

If you’ve heard any emo, you’ve heard “Dance, Dance” by now, a seriously catchy and (both musically and lyrically) clever song. In fact, after the about 10th time of loving listening to that song, I decided (on somewhat of an impulse) to buy the CD (physical compact disc, dude, I have a job). That’s when I realized that song about going “down down” that you really can’t understand the lyrics of is *also* Fall Out Boy. That song is also seriously catchy, and utilizes (uses) rock and roll prinicples such that Chuck Berry would be proud (no, it doesn’t *sound* like classic Berry, but it does right by him). It is (like) somehow like really sweet and tragic, such that a 20-something can identify. After you spend a few hours deciphering the lyrics, you realize that you understand what he means (he being the Boy meant to fall out). Not really whining (physically or lyrically). Its actually emotional rather than devoid of emotion yet full of whine that is most emo. Nice.

Throughout the whole album most of the songs are at least two out of catchy, emotional, fun, and musically ‘good’. There are a couple flops (of which I cannot remember which they are right now, because their song titles are like way long. I know “XO” and “Our Lawyer…Sued” are good, though. (oh, and “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” is good) In fact, “XO” is a really satisfying end to a CD. Incidentally, the CD is called “From Under The Cork Tree” which might be an awful name, and it is their third album I think. So I need to think more. But for now, I found some emo I like and am listening to many times.
is this a review? I just did a review….

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