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Changing the look.

I just upgraded WordPress and in the process sort of messed up my theme. It was old and not the best though, so I decided to hunt around for new ones. I settled on Almost Spring by Becca Wei, over at Beccary.

Being inherently dissatisfied with anything a perfectionist, I will inevitably be making lots of tweaks over the coming weeks, so expect it.

Don’t worry, the shrugging guy will be back soon.


Sorry for calling you a jackass, Mr. Chickenshit.

Driver of a dark grey/dirty black small pickup in Mountain View, you were driving in the right lane while I biked in the left, preparing to make a left turn. You asked me “Are you trying to commit suicide” and then drove off. I shouted after you “I’m making a left turn, jackass”.

I apologize, I should not have called you a jackass as you did not act as such. Rather, you acted as chickenshit. Snug in your pickup, ensured of the manlihood it takes to apply few pounds of pressure on a rubber and metal “pedal”, easing at 30 miles per hour towards the stoplight, while I biked at 25 mph in the left lane, using real pedals to supply torque to power a device without assistance.

You thought it might be clever, perhaps even in a helpful way if you asked me if I was mentally unstable, unable to navigate my device by the laws of the road. You thought you would imply that my sense of self preservation was lacking anymore than yours, mister “I’m going to lean out the window and act like chickenshit while I drive too fast towards a stoplight”.

And yet you had a point, you did have some skewed priorities of self preservation, you were too chickenshit to slow down to listen to my reply. You were so sure of your inability to assess the situation correctly that rather than hearing a reply that would prove your inaccuracy, you hid in your right-on-red.

Yes, Chickenshit, I apologize for I should not have called you a Jackass. My mistake.



Scifi lovers, check out Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present. It’s some great “hard sf” from the man who is truly becoming the next great science fiction author, Cory Doctorow. Also it’s free.

In this volume, he steps partway back from his usual close-to-absurd-but-just-believable style and collects a few of his pieces that follow more traditional motifs. He goes so far as to name them after classics as in “I, Robot”. He uses this backdrop to add modern ideas including his own views, interpretations, and visions of intellectual property, gaming, and even religion. Also it’s free.

Seriously, if nothing else read the 2 page “Printcrime” . You really owe it to yourself, it’s profound. Also it’s free.

I bought the book since I basically love to read sci fi while curled up and falling a sleep (I have since I was a child), but if you’re not sure yet, read them for free online, or print them out, because…it’s free.

PS: I began a Wikipedia article on the collection: here.


A Diggital Protest (Yes that is a pun!)

Rather than a boycott of the site, the users of Digg are now flexing their muscles by protesting the site’s censorship of the HD-DVD code. Nearly all front page stories are now about the code itself, or the protest currently going on.

Here is what sparked the protest

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