A Diggital Protest (Yes that is a pun!)

Rather than a boycott of the site, the users of Digg are now flexing their muscles by protesting the site’s censorship of the HD-DVD code. Nearly all front page stories are now about the code itself, or the protest currently going on.

Here is what sparked the protest

Its one of the most profound phenomenons I’ve yet seen on the internet due to the number of people contributing to it. They aren’t just watching videos, they are creating simple stories, art, “quizzes” and downright useless web pages in protest, and it is taking over a truly popular website.

Some examples:

You can even buy a button.
Among the zillions of things this shows about security, drm, consumers, Digg users, mob mentality, the internet, and human nature in general, one thing is coming through. People do not react well to censorship, or, for geeks, “If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”

5/1/07 10:36 PM PST, Update: Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg has listened to the users.

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