Becoming browser agnostic

For a while Firefox 2.x on Mac OS 10.4.y was my main browser. I often called Firefox 2 the “second worst browser”. It would hang for tens of seconds at a time, it crashed at least once a week, and it was all around slow in loading/rendering pages.

I eventually downloaded Opera. A couple config options and I began using this for casual internet browsing: Google Reader, Reddit, etc. I used Firefox 2 for work and websites that did not support Opera.

Around the same time I was also becoming a little more security conscious, I decided to set up Camino (which I had already installed) to not remember anything between sessions. I used this for online banking. As an added bonus, I can have other people who need to check their email on my computer use this, so I don’t accidentally log into their email later on.

Now I’ve upgraded to Firefox 3 and it is pretty fast and pretty awesome; however, I’ve already learned a secret. The browser is not truly the new OS, yet. Its the main application I use, but switching between them is even easier than switching between various unices, or even various linuces.

I now use Safari 3 for some flash applications because it is more likely to balance resources better when those flash applications decide they want 120% of my CPUs but Quicksilver is trying to get 100% as well.

So if you’re ever frustrated with your browser, start using another one for the things that frustrate you. It might get better.

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