Some Spore space tips

Everyone who is excited about Spore currently seems unhappy with Space, myself included. Here are some tips to get you through the tough parts and hopefully remove a little tedium.

  • Get an auto-blaster for your ship. Since targeting when fighting is so hard, this will end up helping a ton.
  • A little later on, get an allied ship and try to keep it alive, same reason as above.
  • Don’t start an alliance until you actually have room in your fleet for an allied ship.
  • Don’t colonize too fast. Try to keep to 2 colonies (+ homeworld) until the 2 colony planets each have at least 2 cities. Then expand to 3 colonies. Eventually it won’t matter, but if you expand too fast, you get into wars with too many races.
  • To simplify spice collection, make three T3 worlds in a system, and put three cities on each planet, that’s 90 spice per system, with less loading.
  • If someone won’t stop attacking you, attack back until they sue for peace, it’s generally worth the effort.

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