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Lifehack: Use Gmail search to look up dollar amounts on your statements.

Whatever you use to track your expenditures, categorizing purchases can be a pain, especially if you buy many types of thing from a single retailer, like Amazon.

The easiest way I’ve found to remember what a particular purchase was is to look at my credit card statement (or, etc), and search for the prices in my Gmail account. Simple, but it can really save time.


Signatures on comments.

What is up with signatures on comments? Are there people out there who like reading them? This is definitely a noise/ego problem on many websites. You can learn to ignore them to some degree, but you inevitably end up glancing at them. They’re distracting, they’re devoid of content, they’re often only funny or meaningful to the commenter.

Anyways, if you’re a blogger, forum administrator, web developer, don’t allow signatures in comments, you know that’s the right thing to do.



I got a chance to see a screening of Outsourced (link plays music). The producers are experimenting with completely independent distribution, as opposed to just independent production. In support of the model, and because it was very good, you should try to see it. Unfortunately its not playing in theaters everywhere, although they seem to be screening it wherever and whenever possible. Try to hunt down a showing if you can. They are also selling DVDs, which I am considering purchasing as gifts or such.


I think they just patented the “WHERE” clause

Since looking up vehicles by VIN is (umm, well…) the point, I believe Carfax was just granted a patent on one of the most common uses of the “WHERE” clause in SQL. For you non techies, it is indeed as simple as it sounds, WHERE looks up things in a database, WHERE a specific thing is true. (For example WHERE TitleStatus=’Clean’).

I think I need to file a few patents. Say looking up movies based on genre, or books based on publication date, or computer hard drives based on manufacturer. Or anything that anyone would ever do when trying to segment data ever….



Changing the look.

I just upgraded WordPress and in the process sort of messed up my theme. It was old and not the best though, so I decided to hunt around for new ones. I settled on Almost Spring by Becca Wei, over at Beccary.

Being inherently dissatisfied with anything a perfectionist, I will inevitably be making lots of tweaks over the coming weeks, so expect it.

Don’t worry, the shrugging guy will be back soon.


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