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Sorry for calling you a jackass, Mr. Chickenshit.

Driver of a dark grey/dirty black small pickup in Mountain View, you were driving in the right lane while I biked in the left, preparing to make a left turn. You asked me “Are you trying to commit suicide” and then drove off. I shouted after you “I’m making a left turn, jackass”.

I apologize, I should not have called you a jackass as you did not act as such. Rather, you acted as chickenshit. Snug in your pickup, ensured of the manlihood it takes to apply few pounds of pressure on a rubber and metal “pedal”, easing at 30 miles per hour towards the stoplight, while I biked at 25 mph in the left lane, using real pedals to supply torque to power a device without assistance.

You thought it might be clever, perhaps even in a helpful way if you asked me if I was mentally unstable, unable to navigate my device by the laws of the road. You thought you would imply that my sense of self preservation was lacking anymore than yours, mister “I’m going to lean out the window and act like chickenshit while I drive too fast towards a stoplight”.

And yet you had a point, you did have some skewed priorities of self preservation, you were too chickenshit to slow down to listen to my reply. You were so sure of your inability to assess the situation correctly that rather than hearing a reply that would prove your inaccuracy, you hid in your right-on-red.

Yes, Chickenshit, I apologize for I should not have called you a Jackass. My mistake.


WTFPalo Alto and Mt. View Drivers?

Okay. Yeah.
So I wasn’t going to complain about this after the first two times. But in a third incident, I feel compelled to tell my tale.

First, a PSA, Automobile operators: Do not pass a vehicle when it is occupying a lane, unless you use a passing lane. This means at stoplights too! Yes, there is a queue at stoplights, believe it or not.

What do I mean. Well. So twice recently, I have been hit. Nothing to worry about. I was stopped at a stoplight, in the middle of a lane, which is not only entirely legal, but safer and less confusing to those who realize a bike is a vehicle. But twice, automobile operators have decided to attempt to maneuver their automobile around me when there isn’t enough space to do so. They end up not knowing the exact size of their car, and their mirror strikes me. And I’m like WTF. Sometimes I give them a look and a shrug that screams WTF.

A third time just yesterday, I was biking down Castro St. In Mt View. Sure, it doesn’t have a bike lane. But it is not a controlled-access highway, anything but. I am allowed to bike on it. Anyways, I was stopped at the California St. stoplight behind an automobile. It was working fine, like things usually do. Then an automobile came up behind me and was moving to the left and coming real close. I saw the light turn green and intending to avoid a collision between the car behind me and myself, I began moving forward. Unfortunately, the car ahead of me did not start when the light turned green, and smack! I rear-ended it. Yes, me, a cyclist rear-ended a car. Tee hee. I didn’t really get a chance to ask them if they were ok. I imagine they were, since they drove off without hassling me. Maybe they didn’t even feel the bump. Anyways, I felt awful, because I shouldn’t be hitting cars. But also I was pissed. Cars shouldn’t be hitting me, and I shouldn’t have to *worry* about that if I’m biking by the law.
So don’t hit me!
Next automobile operator that hits me, however lightly, gets a chance to give me their insurance info to pay for my doctor’s visit to make sure I’m still healthy and pay for a bike tuneup to make sure my vehicle is still road-safe. I’m not being a bitch, I just dont’ wanna get hit.

Oh also. In general Palo Alto and Mt. View drivers are pretty damn good about treating cyclists properly. Some of you take hell of care (you follow slowly behind me even when its a wide right lane or I’m in a bike lane, or let me go at an all-way stop even though you got there first, etc.). Most of you simply treat cyclists like the vehicle operators we are.


Fix-A-Flat, make it worse

Once again WTFbrb brings you a special consumer report.

Tonight, we discuss the product “Fix-A-Flat: Bikes only” brought to you by Pennzoil. It is bad.

In my recent flat tire incident, I attempted to circumvent walking to a bike store (which is not a short walk), and instead walk to Walgreens, which claimed to have a bike tire repair kit. What they had was this Fix-A-Flat. I tried it out, following the directions to a T. What ended up happening was a still-flat tire and some leaky white liquid-rubber gunk all over my tube and tire.

More specifically, the tire actually inflated as it was supposed to, and I spinned it as I was supposed to, and then instead of fixing the flat, the air slowly leaked out again in a tragic display of the futility of pumping air into tires. Most of the rubber gunk, however, was still left in the tire, because today, while attempting to patch the tube the proper way, my hands were covered in white liquid rubber gunk. Still liquid! you think it would’ve dried by now, but I guess that is not how Fix-A-Flat works its magic.

Also, I am not sure my patch held, because of the white gunk that was stubbornly not coming off the tube. The tire seems to only hold its air for so long. I’ll probably end up having to buy another tube, because of this Fix-A-Flat. So, that is what to expect with Fix-A-Flat.

If my bike can’t hold its air long enough to bike to campus (so I can buy a new tube there), can someone who reads this give me a ride home from campus tomorrow (Monday) night around 10? The bus doesn’t run that late.

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Hell of wet!

WTF?!, brb… I need to towel off.

22:01> zubin will brb

22:03> zubin is b

Ok, I mean, I have biked in the rain many times before, but unless it was being dumb and getting caught in a T-storm in NJ (in a cotton T-shirt and denim shorts, no less), I’ve barely gotten wet. But man, this commuting via bicycle could get wet, fast. I need some waterproof over-pants for biking. That’s what I need.

I guess I need to commit to a biking in the rain lifestyle like this dude, who was revealed as the second hit by a google search for, none other than biking in the rain. It looks like there is an enthusiast crowd for biking in the rain, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring it out—the thing about enthusiasts, they’ll always help you become more enthusiastic about what they are enthusiastic about, they’re a great resource for just about anything. The real question is do I want to invest in all this gear? and do I want to be the guy that has to take off hell of overclothes whenever he goes anywhere? These are questions that cannot be answered by someone like myself until I’ve already tried doing it, unfortunately. We’ll see what I do.

Oh yeah, also, my bag. There is a problem. I can’t put it under my current jacket (Which is so comfortable I wouldn’t even want to!). Maybe I’ll invest in a pannier bag or something…

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