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I hate Monster

I hate

They will not let me upload a .pdf resume. What is that about?

Okay, wtf, also you cannot e-mail monster through Firefox. They are the worst. You hear that? Monster is the worst.

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Fix-A-Flat, make it worse

Once again WTFbrb brings you a special consumer report.

Tonight, we discuss the product “Fix-A-Flat: Bikes only” brought to you by Pennzoil. It is bad.

In my recent flat tire incident, I attempted to circumvent walking to a bike store (which is not a short walk), and instead walk to Walgreens, which claimed to have a bike tire repair kit. What they had was this Fix-A-Flat. I tried it out, following the directions to a T. What ended up happening was a still-flat tire and some leaky white liquid-rubber gunk all over my tube and tire.

More specifically, the tire actually inflated as it was supposed to, and I spinned it as I was supposed to, and then instead of fixing the flat, the air slowly leaked out again in a tragic display of the futility of pumping air into tires. Most of the rubber gunk, however, was still left in the tire, because today, while attempting to patch the tube the proper way, my hands were covered in white liquid rubber gunk. Still liquid! you think it would’ve dried by now, but I guess that is not how Fix-A-Flat works its magic.

Also, I am not sure my patch held, because of the white gunk that was stubbornly not coming off the tube. The tire seems to only hold its air for so long. I’ll probably end up having to buy another tube, because of this Fix-A-Flat. So, that is what to expect with Fix-A-Flat.

If my bike can’t hold its air long enough to bike to campus (so I can buy a new tube there), can someone who reads this give me a ride home from campus tomorrow (Monday) night around 10? The bus doesn’t run that late.

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Low fat hummus is not that good.

See, ever since my sister took me to this hummus place in the East Village (incidentally, it was called “The Hummus Place, and some dude put some pictures up, so you know where I am coming from), I have gained a taste for Hummus. The stuff at that place marked a profound advancement in my appreciation of the finer points of hummus—if you are ever on St. Marks Place, go there.

First off, they serve it as a meal, so it was the first time I had really payed attention to the taste of the hummus itself, as more than a condiment. They also add hell of good stuff to it, like chick peas (which do add to the flavor, believe it or not), hardboiled eggs, onions, or fava beans, and various spices, including paprika. Suffice it to say, it is better than your average hummus, and it tought me how good Hummus can be, warm and served with stuff.

So I started buying hummus from the supermarket. Most of it has been pretty good; I really like the Tribe, and Meza brands, Athenos is decent but not as good and more expensive, so not really worth it. Last time I decided to be daring and try some low fat hummus. Hummus is not especially high fat to begin with, but it does have olive oil usually, and I think that olive oild is pretty important. I bought Wildwood low fat hummus from Molly Stone, and it is terrible. Well not terrible, but it has a very sour taste to it, and is sort of pasty, instead of smoother than pasty. Usually this is the part where I would redeem Wildwood by saying their normal hummus is good, but since I haven’t tried it yet, no redemption for them. Oh yeah, don’t buy the flavored hummus, add your own stuff to flavor it just before warming it up, because the pre-flavored stuff is bad.

Now you know, tell your friends!

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Get Arrested for less!

The sole purpose of this exclusive WTFbrb-on-your-side consumer report is to, indeed, report a great value currently at They’re offering the first two seasons of Arrested Development for just $32, with free super-saver shipping.

Also, if you’re now suddenly pissed off because you already bought season 1, and can’t take advantage of this spectacular offer, think of this as your opportunity to buy season 2, and get someone’s Christmas gift early.



Vive la piraterie d??sinvolte

In light of recent events, we’re given a picture of a future in which “casual piracy” is ended. Ok.. WTF….. “casual piracy”, is that like I own a pirate ship, but only use it to raid other ships on the weekend? Or maybe I only raid ships that forget to complement me on my ship’s figurehead.

In fact, it seems, at this point, Sony BMG, is fighting not for the benefit of their joint venture or even for the benefit of the RIAA, and definately not for the benefit of the artists the represent. They seem to be fighting toward an ideal that they hold, that few others do. They are fighting toward an ideal where each person who hears a song in a non-Sony-BMG-sanctioned way must pay for it.

The world of popular music is a world of songs which people find out about from their friends. The biggest form of advertising any artist or album has ever had is word-of-mouth. That can’t happen when people can’t give their friend a copy of the album. Ever since the audio cassette has existed, people have shared music with thier friends, indeed “casual piracy” has existed.

That’s not even mentioning the wtf of installing a back-door into someone’s computer…

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