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The Dream is dead

Rice Dream to be specific. I was using a half-gallon of rice dream the past 2 weeks. This is certainly a long time to linger on one half-gallon of milk, but I wasn’t drinking any by itself, and hey it’s rice milk. Well, today it finally spoiled! I was shocked that rice-dream can possibly spoil, I mean, wtf, where’s the dream now!

Anyways I looked around a bit on the internet, and it seems like even in the fridge. Rice dream has four milk-products, three of which I knew and two of which are important to my tale of woe, Rice Dream Refrigerated Renriched Non-Diary Beverages and Rice Dream Enriched Non-Dairy beverages, the one I bought. The absense of refrigerated made me think it would last until the day after forever, especially since I was refrigerating it. However, it turns out that the asceptic nature of the “non-refrigerated” version of the drink is a product of the packaging, so the moment you open it, it’s on equal footing with any other Rice Dream product. They’re all supposed to last 7-10 days. I guess I won in the end, mine lasted a few days longer. Well the moral of this story is that Safeway was having a sale on Rice Dream that week so I bought two half gallons, and the unopened half gallon was still fresh (It lasts a year unopened), so the day was not lost.

But, while we are on the topic of Rice Dream, I thought you might want to know: no good in coffee! I’m not really sure why, I guess it might react with something in the coffee, or maybe coffee has evil sour-making bacteria, but yes, it turns the coffee sour, and you will wonder why the coffee is so bad, until one day you use some of Tom’s cow’s milk (Not the milk of Tom’s cow, but Tom’s milk which is made by a cow) (Tom I swear it was only like a tablespoon once or twice!), and it tastes hell of better. What really surprised me just now was that on their website the non-enriched version is suggested for use in coffee! This means that by enriching it, they make it coffee-unfriendly, how upsetting. But the moral of this story: it wasn’t, afterall, the robusta bean that lurks inside canned coffees that is sour but the Enrichment of my ‘Dream. Well now you all can spare yourself the pain. Weird how soy milk is fine in coffee but rice milk isn’t, huh.

Now before I single-handedly destroy this non-dairy beverage, despite all this negative energy I’ve been focusing on Rice Dream, it is still excellent. It has a more Cow’s-milk like taste than soy milk, and is sort of thinner and less stickier, so it feels more like milk. Also I think it tastes better, but maybe just because I’m used to Cow’s milk and not soy milk.

There is my tale, about as uninteresting as it can possibly get. If you’ve read this far, get up and do a little dance, and then sit down and applaud yourself.

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