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Becoming browser agnostic

For a while Firefox 2.x on Mac OS 10.4.y was my main browser. I often called Firefox 2 the “second worst browser”. It would hang for tens of seconds at a time, it crashed at least once a week, and it was all around slow in loading/rendering pages.

I eventually downloaded Opera. A couple config options and I began using this for casual internet browsing: Google Reader, Reddit, etc. I used Firefox 2 for work and websites that did not support Opera.

Around the same time I was also becoming a little more security conscious, I decided to set up Camino (which I had already installed) to not remember anything between sessions. I used this for online banking. As an added bonus, I can have other people who need to check their email on my computer use this, so I don’t accidentally log into their email later on.

Now I’ve upgraded to Firefox 3 and it is pretty fast and pretty awesome; however, I’ve already learned a secret. The browser is not truly the new OS, yet. Its the main application I use, but switching between them is even easier than switching between various unices, or even various linuces.

I now use Safari 3 for some flash applications because it is more likely to balance resources better when those flash applications decide they want 120% of my CPUs but Quicksilver is trying to get 100% as well.

So if you’re ever frustrated with your browser, start using another one for the things that frustrate you. It might get better.


A Diggital Protest (Yes that is a pun!)

Rather than a boycott of the site, the users of Digg are now flexing their muscles by protesting the site’s censorship of the HD-DVD code. Nearly all front page stories are now about the code itself, or the protest currently going on.

Here is what sparked the protest

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BREAKING: Sony uses DRM to piss off consumers.

Sony lost a customer today. As some of those who may still read this blog can attest, I actually was going to buy Stranger Than Fiction on DVD. I will not be buying any Sony DVDs now, unfortunately. Shame; I’ll have to figure out where else I can watch Stranger Than Fiction.


Gmail is even easier with this Greasemonkey script!

This script moves everything to the keyboard, including marking things read (r), labeling items (l+label), and navigating between labels (g+label). It also adds a dedicated archive shortcut (e), so even if you are in a label, you can archive things without removing the label accidentally. Thats enough talk, go use it.
Here is the script:

Here is a little doc with all the commands (you can also hit ‘h’ in Gmail after installing the script to get this list)


WTFbrb ranks technologies.

With technology being so popular, WTFbrb assesses various technologies based on how useful they are to people, how fun they are to use, how dangerous they are, how well implemented they are, and how cutthroat they are.

Use Fun Danger Imp. Throat
Cell phones 5 4 3 1 5
Web 5 5 2 4 1
Contacts 5 2 2 5 2
Paper 5 5 4 4 2
Robots with a xaser 10 10 100 0 1

WTFbrb hopes this helps.


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